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Cold Steel – One Edge Viking Sword

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While most Viking swords feature a double-edged blade, there are some historical examples of single-edged blades with an upswept point. The Cold Steel One Edge Viking Sword is admittedly not a literal copy of any particular historical model rather, it is an assembly of some of the best Viking sword features. The 30-inch blade is nearly 2 inches wide with an extra broad fuller. The blade is wider at the guard and narrows towards its upswept point, and it’s distal tapered for speed, balance, and responsiveness. Plus, it’s a terrific cutting sword with a useful, sharp point.

The hilt is very traditional, with a modest guard and relatively short quillons. The wood grip is covered with brown cord and terminates with a heavy pommel, highlighted by copper trim wire and tapered to enhance balance and make the sword quick and lively in the hand. The blade is tempered 1060 high carbon steel. The hilt components are of steel and the grip is wood with a wrap of leather. Included is a wood-core scabbard which is tightly wrapped in leather and completed with a protective steel chape.

Overall Length36 1/8"
Blade Length30 1/16"
Weight2 lbs 6.8 oz
Width47.6 mm
Thickness5.4 mm - 2.6 mm
Grip Length3 3/4"
Blade [1060 High Carbon Steel]
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for Cold Steel – One Edge Viking Sword

  1. Ernest Kretschmar (verified owner)

    This is a good sword! I own Albion and Sulowski made swords so I understand quality. It only weighs 2.64lbs but has a lot of momentum when you swing it. This sword is a real shield chopper a meat cleaver. The hilt is also pretty nice and clean and tight. The only noticeable issue is the gap in the guard and blade because the blade is fullered. The scabbard is nice but a little on the loose side. For the price of this sword its definitely worth it.

  2. Asa-punk aka Eddie Smith

    I have long wanted a single edged Viking sword but for years all that was available were clunky/cheap crowbars or high end $1,000+ models like the Albion Berserker…which sadly is way out of my budget.
    But this sword is really good for the price (it’s gone up a bit since I got mine but I still feel at the current $208 it’s worth it!)
    It’s in the same weight range as the Albion Berserker but the point of balance is further out towards the tip. So it has authority in the cut but won’t be as nimble as the AB. I do believe the Cold Steel is within historic parameters, but it shows where the extra $ goes with Albion.
    My only major complaint is the pommel. It’s essentially a triangle & the bottom corner bites my hand at my wrist when I hold it how I’m used to & swing it. Doing more a handshake grip & letting the pommel slide past when casting the sword works but I have shorter fingers & don’t really feel as much in control of the blade as I’d want…at least for now after building specific muscles up it may feel better.
    Although to be fair most historical single edged Viking swords I have seen pics of have the bottom corners of the pommel cut at an angle & I think this may eliminate the issue entirely. I may crop mine to see.
    The scabbard was surprisingly good! Wood core, perfect fit nice looking, well done stitching & risers…I’m honestly impressed it was included.
    It’s lighter than my beloved Del Tin Viking sword which I’ve had since 1995, so that’s nice. It’s single edged & as I understand it those were primarily from Norway, my dad’s mother’s ancestors were also.
    It’s affordable & good quality…I definitely recommend.

  3. Mogr Dansson (verified owner)

    Heavy weapon. Not at all nimble. In fact, downright ponderous. Handle too short. Pommel too long/wide/whatever. Two improvements :: (1) lengthen the handle by 3/4 of an inch. (2) shorten the pommel by 5/8 of an inch. Of course this would screw up the weight distribution/center-of-gravity/center-of-percussion even more.

    Buy something else or hang it on the wall.

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