The fist-sized Mini Buckler is smaller and more maneuverable at deflecting blows than the larger model. Its size gives it distinct blocking and defense advantages in situations where a larger buckler might be an impediment. It is crafted from thick, robust and rigid polypropylene with a central bar grip firmly attached. This training tool is not intended to be used in conjunction with steel bladed training swords.
Smaller bucklers such as this were common in the Medieval Era and were popular due their portability and their ability to be worn on the road or on campaign without being cumbersome. They may seem small but their effect is not to be understated – a small fist sized buckler is very capable of deflecting or fouling the attack of an opponent’s weapon and limiting their available angles of attack. In skilled hands it doubled as a quick and surprisingly deadly bludgeon and a fast, punch-like impact from its central boss or rim could be decisive!