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Cold Steel Warrior Series Nodachi

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Cold Steel Warrior Series Nodachi features a sharpened 1050 spring steel blade with bo-hi groove. Genuine rayskin handle with black cord wrap. The tsuba and pommel are crafted of black iron. Incldes a wood scabbard with black lacquered finish.

Although these items are brand new & coming from Cold Steel, some of the sayas/scabbards may suffer from minor scuffs, scrapes or chips. We can no longer weed out the blemished items from this product as the majority of them come this way. Swords are still inspected by K.O.A. for defects.

Overall Length56 1/2''
Blade Length33 5/8''
Weight3 lbs 14.6 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width33 mm - 37.4 mm
Thickness6.2 mm - 4.6 mm
P.O.B.3 7/8''
Grip Length21 9/16''
Blade [1055 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country of OriginChina

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3 reviews for Cold Steel Warrior Series Nodachi

  1. Creedlord

    Not the real sword (tsuba and pommel) First to say the pictures on this side dont match with what you will really get. As you can read in the description the tsuba and pommel are crafted from black iron, in the pictures you cant see any black. If you want to see the real pictures i would recommend you the cold steel website where you can see the black tsuba and pommel and what you will get with this order.
    But to take this aside, the sword is great. It has a solid and thick blade and still cuts well. The worksmanship is without one blemish (thanks for that to koa).
    I got it to the reduced price of 410$ and that was totally worth it. 5/5 would buy it again here to this price.

  2. Thor

    More a Nagamaki than a Nodachi The problem with this sword is that it feels like a sledge hammer when you move it around.
    I have two great swords that are much better balanced than this sword, and cheaper to.
    The blade on this sword is so thick, the tip of the sword was not sharpened right. The back of the blade has an uneven geometry.
    I would not recommend for this price, unless you want a big Japanese sword that moves like a sledge hammer.

  3. John

    This sword is incredible; the pictures don’t do it justice. This is by far the stoutest Japanese sword Cold Steel makes.

    My blade specs differed from KoA so I wanted to share them:

    Width: 35.5-40mm
    Thickness: 9.2-5.6mm
    Weight: 4 lbs 10 oz
    POB: 3” from tsuba

    It’s an incredible cutter, better even than the O katana which I also own. It has superior ergonomics too, (no axe handle) having a thinner, narrower tsuka with more taper.

    I don’t know what the other guy was saying about it being a sledgehammer. With the POB so close to the tsuba, and the 22” in handle, it moves as quickly as a katana half it’s weight.

    Everything is incredibly tight. There are no rattles, and saya is very snug. The wrapping is good, but not perfect. I make it immovable with a few drops of super glue and forget about it. The rayskin panels have large nodes, and the fuchi/kashira are thick with no burrs.

    It’s worth every penny to me.

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