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Condor Yari Spear

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This Yari Spear by Condor is of a length which allows it to be used with great agility and maneuverability – two traits which come at a cost to spears of greater lengths. In skilled hands it will strike swiftly and recover quickly, ready for another darting strike.

The spearhead is crafted from 1075 high carbon steel and is treated with an epoxy black powder coating. The haft is burnt American Ash and it is completed with a wrapped section of knotted paracord. Included is a leather spearhead cover with a buttoned retaining strap. The total length of the spearhead including its socket is 14 3/8″ and the length of the blade of the spearhead is 9″

Please Note: This spear ships unassembled. The wood pole is pre-tapered to allow an easy fitting of the spearhead, which itself is secured with a pair of screws which fit through pre-drilled holes. This mounting hardware is included.

Please Note: It is common for this item to have spear poles that are not perfectly straight. We will quality control for the worst of these, but please be aware that slight bends (as seen in item photos) are normal.

Overall Length65 5/16''
Blade Length9''
Weight2 lb 8.9 oz
EdgeModerately Sharp
Blade [1075 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginEl Salvador


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