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Lord of Battles – Corvus War Hammer

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This weighty warhammer is named after the ”Crows Beak” shaped pick on its head – an armor puncturing spike perhaps intentionally fashioned in the beak of the carrion bird. A Swiss Army knife of war hammers, it has a tool for every foe from any direction. A diamond shaped hammer head concentrates its weight onto a single point for armor crushing blows. A sizeable diamond spike atop the head will find the gaps in armor, or likely pierce it altogether. A small spike even adorns the handle. Made from high carbon steel, the head is riveted onto a sturdy stained shaft.

The height of the diamond hammer head is 1 7/8”. The length of the spike is 3 5/8”. The length of the crow’s beak pick is 3 7/8”

Wood color may vary.

10 reviews for Lord of Battles – Corvus War Hammer

  1. Terry R.

    Worth many times the price I ordered this war hammer after I noticed it was less than an a quarter of the price of hammers of similar style. I saved even more by ordering a “scratch & dent special.” To say I am pleased is an understatement. This is a wonderful, historically-accurate war hammer I’m proud to display and/or use. There are slight imperfections which make it look like an actual medieval war hammer, and not a modern replica. The heavy, metal hammer and thick, strong hardwood handle will last several lifetimes. Overall, I could not be happier with this purchase. And the service from Kult of Athena was fast and excellent, as always!

  2. Colt

    A lovely War Hammer This is a fantastic well made hammer. I made a review about it to see more of this hammer.

  3. edt3456

    Unbelievable! I was skeptical on buying this at first because it was cheap priced. After I ordered it I could not believe how solid and strong it was. Bothe the metal and wood handle look and feel strong. Great price for the quality! it is defiantly worth buying!

  4. GJ

    Nice hammer Very hefty, brutal angles. The downsides are: lack of hard wood and spotty fit and finish (the parts don’t always meet nicely or line up perfectly, depending on the individual specimen). Normally I’d detract 2 stars for this, but at the price point, it’s still worth the risk!

  5. Cody B.

    Solid This warhammer rocks. It’s extremely solid. I’ve destroyed shields, logs, and cement blocks with this thing and it’s still as strong as the day I got it.

  6. Darrell Martens

    Decent tool for the job, NOT a show piece. When I got this warhammer a few months back, I noticed it was not symmetrical everywhere, but nothing that would effect performance. The butt cap with the small spike was not even close to being aligned with the wooden shaft. Also one of the langets had a 2 inch long cavity, about half an inch deep, and 5mm wide, that created a gap between it and the shaft. The shaft had a inch and a half section on one of it’s corners chipped off. This is NOT a hammer to show off to friends. While feeling mostly sturdy, I am sure if you were to swing it the wrong way, and hit with all your force the wooden shaft would disintegrate. This is coming from a guy who snapped a wooden Kendo sword in two hits on a tree, full force.

  7. Aaron J.

    Good for the price This war hammer does it’s job. Some of the parts are a little crooked and the whole thing has a very rough quality to it, but none of that affects functionality as this is a tool for smashing things.

  8. Daniel

    A tough and heavy warhammer This warhammer is loosely based on an example at the Wallace Collection, which is suspected to be a cut down poleaxe, and it shows, since it’s overweight and oversized, being about 100g heavier than the already heavy original.

    Mine is slightly different than the pictures, it has twice the amount of rivets in the head: two on the langets and two holding the spike.

    The finish of the head is rough, there are grind marks and rust spots here and there, the spike is missaligned and it doesn’t fit properly to the head, having a noticeable gap on the sides, it also came loose after a few hits but the rivets are still intact so there’s no chance of it coming off.

  9. T.F

    Nice hammer, not very neat I was hesitant to not leave a 4 star review. I put this at 3 stars as the fit and finish is less than stellar. The wood haft has marring, the pins securing it are not centered/ flush or even and the metal portions have denting/scratching. I acknowledge that for the price the expectations should not be that high. Just advising of the imperfections. I like the fact that the wooden grip section is hexagonal in shape rather than square. At the 60 dollar price point, it is a pretty sweet hammer of destruction.

  10. Terry R.

    Review of a review I’ve already written one review of this war hammer, but please permit me a few other observations.

    I noticed the hammer I bought has twice as many rivets as the one illustrated on the Kult of Athena website – making an already strong weapon even stronger. I’m always impressed when a company changes a product for the better.

    I’m a bit perplexed when collectors of medieval weapon replicas denigrate an item because it is not perfect, has flaws in the metal, etc.

    I find this criticism bizarre. I consider perfection in a medieval weapon a terrible fault.

    Medieval weapons were hand made by metal smiths in a primitive setting; medieval artisans did not have auto-cad, modern metallurgy, modern steel, furnaces, or any of today’s casting/forging technology.

    Therefore, true reproductions of these products will not be perfect.

    This is also my problem with swords manufactured with computer technology. Are they actually swords? Or are they simply modern weapons which appear to be swords?

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