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Croc Jaw Bowie


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The Croc-Jaw Bowie has a widened blade that is ideal for savage chops and shearing hacks coupled with a toothy and intimidating saw-edged spine. Though a powerful cutter, the tapered tip makes for an deadly thrusting blade as well. While it has a confident heft, it is not overly heavy either. The sharpened blade is forged from steel; the bolster and pommel are brass and the grip is composite of polished bone and wood.

Included with the dagger is a stitched scabbard of thick leather with an embossed, crocodile pattern leather front panel coupled with an integrated belt loop and a brass-buttoned retaining strap.

Overall Length16 7/8''
Blade Length11 3/8''
Weight1 lb 9.5 oz
Width50.5 mm - 55.3 mm
Thickness4.3 mm - 4.2 mm
P.O.B.1 1/4''
Grip Length3 5/8''
Blade [Stainless Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDevil's Edge
Country of OriginPakistan


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