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Crusader Axe Pendant

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Cast in a zinc alloy with a dark finish, the Crusader Axe Pendant is a simple yet elegant medieval talisman. The rustic finish adds to it’s ancient appeal and really makes this necklace look the part. Includes a leather cord.

Dimensions2 1/2 x 1 1/2 In
Country of OriginPakistan

1 review for Crusader Axe Pendant

  1. N.Thompson

    Crusader Axe Pendant Get What You Pay For Like the title says you get what you pay for. Its a cool looking design and comes with a vinyl cord. the quality of the product is lacking though. Some examples of this are that casting of this was rough and the finish work was not done with any attention to detail leading to rough appearance and a poor looking piece. Also with just a quick glance at the item you can immediately tell that it is an assembly of at least four pieces that were glued together. I was expecting the item to be cast as one piece. there was no expectation of getting a super high quality piece but this is just a little bit below expectations.

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