The warriors of the Germanic tribes from the classical world and throughout the Migration Period and the Early Middle Ages were most commonly armed with a narrow-headed spear called the “Framea”. This spearhead would have been light, but deadly and in capable hands it would have superb penetrative power, especially when thrown! Most of our knowledge of this spear comes from the Roman historian / politician Tacitus in his writing’s on the warriors of Germania:

“Even iron is not plentiful with them, as we infer from the character of their weapons. But few use swords or long lances. They carry a spear [hasta] (framea is their name for it), with a narrow and short head, but so sharp and easy to wield that the same weapon serves, according to circumstances, for close or distant conflict.”

This replica of the Germanic Framea is forged from Damascus steel which gives it vibrant, ripple-like patterning throughout created when different steels were skillfully blended together by the smith. Many original Framea would have been pattern welded so they too would have had distinct pattering on the spearheads. The spearhead has two pre-drilled holes to allow for you to secure it with your own rivet, nail or screw. Mounting hardware is not included.  Socket Diameter measures approximately 15/16″ (23 mm)