The Darksword Armory Type XII medieval reenactment sword has been designed for use by Western Martial Arts practitioners, schools and theatrical groups. The sword has been made following the requirements and guidelines established by the Battle of the Nations. It has a blade of 5160 High Carbon steel with sturdy 2 mm thick blade edges.

The crossguard and pommel are of mild steel and the grip is overlaid with black leather. The pommel has a hex-nut construction allowing for a tightening of the hilt if necessary.

The type XII was one of the more popular blade types in the Medieval Period and is characterized by a typically broad, fullered blade that tapers to a definable tip, giving it better tip control and thrusting ability than other, wider blade types with more spatulate tips. Though its historical time-period usage varies considerably, as can its the nuances in the blade form itself, the height of popularity for the Type XII may have been around 1275-1325 when improvements in armor caused the swordsman to desire a sword with greater thrusting and penetrative abilities.

Please Note: This sword belongs to Darksword’s Reenactment line of products. It is fully guaranteed by Darksword Armory for a period of one year against manufacturing defects.