This replica of the Japanese Arisaka Type 30 Bayonet is a recreation of the WWII Japanese bayonet that would have been used with the Type 38 and Type 99 rifles. Please be aware though that this bayonet, although built durably the bayonet may not actually fit one of these vintage rifles due to handcrafted variance in the construction of this replica. The blade is untempered and it is intended as an accessory piece for the creation of a complete kit for reenactment or costume or for collectors who wish to have such a bayonet displayed with their rifle.

This bayonet is almost a short sword with its long blade of blued high carbon steel. The guard, socket and pommel are blued steel and the grip is polished and stained wood riveted to the thick blade tang. A working spring pin catch is integrated into the grip. The scabbard is entirely crafted from blued steel. The Type 30 (Pattern 1897) bayonet was used from 1897 – 1945 by the Japanese military. Practical and robust, this bayonet easily doubles as an intimidating close-quarters fighting knife.