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Deepeeka – Aluminum Chainmail Crusader Hauberk with Integrated Coif – Close Out

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This Chainmail hauberk is entirely made from riveted rings of aluminum to give its wearer the look of chainmail without the weight of standard steel. Aluminum chainmail weighs much less than standard and is perfect for long days of costume or reenactment when the weight of steel chainmail can become quite burdensome over the length of a day. This hauberk has an a coif with a face cover riveted into the hauberk – a method done to give seamless protection to most of the head. The coif also has a face cover which can be tied behind the head to grant protection to much of the face.

Depending upon your height you may find the coif to be too short and this will cause too much weight of the mail to rest on the head instead of the shoulders. To remedy this you may need to add your own links to the coif to extend it to fit.

  • Construction: Dome Riveted
  • Type: Round Rings
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Ring Size: 8.5 mm – 9 mm – 16 gauge
  • Weight: Approximately 16 lbs 7 oz
Weight16 lb 7 oz
Gauge [16 gauge]
Country of OriginIndia


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