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Del Tin 13th Century Cruciform Sword

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The Del Tin 13th Century Cruciform Sword features a gently tapering blade wide fuller running 3/4 of it’s length. The straight guard and ”Brazil Nut” pommel are made of solid steel. The grip is hardwood with a black leather wrap. The unsharpened blade is made of well tempered Chrome-Vanadium steel with a hardness of 50HRC and is peened at the pommel for durability.

Overall Length40 1/2''
Blade Length34 1/2''
Weight3 lb 4.5 oz
Width52.4 mm
Thickness5 mm - 2.5 mm
P.O.B.5 1/2''
Grip Length4 1/8''
Blade [Chrome-Vanadium Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDel Tin
Country of OriginItaly

1 review for Del Tin 13th Century Cruciform Sword

  1. Joe Kerr

    A truly rugged, historicaly accurate sword I’m going to quickly give a run down about each piece of the sword.

    The blade- The blade is a wonderful example of an Oakeshott type XII, and has been beautifully forged by hand. The fuller is rather shallow but straight, with only a slight variance when you look down the blade. But this is to be expected with something made by hand.

    Cross- The cross is very simple 1a style cross. Some pitting is visible and the overall finish is rough, but this is typical of Del Tin’s.

    Grip- The grip is made of wood covered in leather with a crisscross pattern molded in. This grip is my only complaint as I feel it is somewhat slippery(though this could be my hand, I find that my hand slips on things that other people have no problem holding on to).

    The Pommel- The pommel is my favorite part of the sword, and the pictures do not do it justice. It is a large type A, brazil nut style, and much like the cross has some pitting, and overall has a rougher finish.*

    The Sword as whole- The whole sword is not particularly slow, nor is it fast. It’s large blade definitely slows it down a bit. But it feels good in the hand. Overall the sword has distinct German look, and in the day would have been a sword made in the Rhine area. So I would say that this sword is perfect for someone wanting a blade in the style of those used in the late 12th and early 13th centuries. Just remember that the finish is somewhat rough, but this is not an Albion or a Arms & Armor, and I feel it gives is a more authentic look anyways.
    *compared to other swords on the market

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