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Del Tin Schiavona – Brass Pommel with Black Leather Grip

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The Del Tin Schiavona features a wide flat blade with fuller for half it's length. The basket guard is made of iron, while the 'cat's head' pommel is brass. The grip is made of wood with a spiral wire wrap covered in black leather. The unsharpened blade is made of well tempered Chrome-Vanadium steel with a hardness of 50HRC and is peened to the pommel for durability.

Overall Length40 1/2''
Blade Length34 3/8''
Weight2 lb 15 oz
Width38.7 mm
Thickness4.8 mm - 2.4 mm
P.O.B.5 1/2''
Grip Length4 1/4''
Blade [Chrome-Vanadium Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDel Tin
Country of OriginItaly

1 review for Del Tin Schiavona – Brass Pommel with Black Leather Grip

  1. Steven J.

    Excellent Basket Hilt. I bought this Del Tin through Kutl of Athena years ago. Mine is slightly different since the grip on my sword has a continuously spiraling riser instead of a steel wire inlay around the grip. Other than that this replica hasn’t changed much. This Schiavona is the best one you will find for use as a sharp under $1000 period. Handling is excellent and the sword belittles its size. It will flow from guard to guard easily and you can arrest its momentum without too much difficulty but, it is long and slightly blade heavy. It feels like a well balanced cavalry broadsword. The thumb ring placement is perfect and you can chose to either loop your index finger over the guard, like on a rapier, if you want to unlike many other basket hilts. I sharpened it myself and it is an excellent cutting weapon through milk jugs etcs and the blade will take punishment. I do wish the sword had a narrower thrust oriented profile in the last third of the blade with a strong diamond cross section instead of the wide lenticular one Del Tin went with. The stock blade doesn’t thrust as well as it could because of this since the tip is thin and wide. This is personal preference though and no way detracts from the high quality of the weapon. Personally I think Schiavonas are the best basket hilts due to the fact they generally incorporate thumb rings and let you loop your index finger over the guard and this reproduction has these features. I would highly recommend it.

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