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Devil’s Edge – Pirate Dagger / Naval Boarding Dirk – High Carbon Steel Blade

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The Cutlass gets all the attention for ship-to-ship boarding actions of the Age of Sail, but a plethora of other weapons such as axes, pikes, pistols, grenades as well as daggers and dirks were all in the locked arsenal of a ship and ready for action at sea or shore. This replica boarding dirk would have been equally at home in the hands of Naval service sailors or in the sash of a Pirate. Many Pirates were former Naval servicemen who found freer or more profitable employment privateering or pirating and they would have seized or stolen no small amount of Naval shipboard armaments for their brand of roguery.

The thin-bladed and deadly dirk was essential for fighting in the cluttered decks of a ship and its cramped confines below; longer weapons may be more useful in the opening salvo of a boarding action, but as the fighting degenerated into a close-quarters scrum a trusty dirk and some knowledge of grappling and dagger fighting would be essential. This dirk is closely based on a historical example and it has a long and rigid blade that is ideal for plunging deeply into a target for a quick and decisive strike and its sharp, dual-edged blade is long enough to slash and cut as well. The dagger has a unique ring attached to the end of the pommel that is intended to be fitted to a lanyard and tied to one’s wrist, belt or sheath so as to ensure it would not be lost over the side or from high aloft in the rigging. It also makes disarmament substantially less likely to succeed!

The tough blade is forged from lab-certified 1070 high carbon steel* and the guard and pommel cap of the dagger is of polished brass. The comfortable grip of finely polished wood is in the shape very similar to a belaying pin (the pins on deck rails used to tie and secure rigging to). Included is a sheath of robust and thick leather with stitched construction and a matching leather belt frog for wear.

* The steel used for this product has been verified by a chemical analysis conducted by an independent testing laboratory.

Overall Length14 1/4"
Blade Length9 1/16"
Weight8.7 oz
Width37.6 mm
Thickness4.6 mm - 2.4 mm
Grip Length4 3/16"
Blade [1070 High Carbon Steel]
CultureFrench, Pirate
ManufacturerDevil's Edge
Country of OriginPakistan

Devils Edge Pirate Dagger

1 review for Devil’s Edge – Pirate Dagger / Naval Boarding Dirk – High Carbon Steel Blade

  1. DeAngelo Allison (verified owner)

    I love the Dagger, everything I was hoping for. 2 things I don’t like is the small ring on the end of the handle, don’t really see the purpose. & the other thing would be no clip to hold the dagger in its scabbard. Overall the blade is super sharp, lightweight & has a nice grip!

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