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Aluminum Coif – Round Ring – Dome Riveted

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A well-made coif can be the the difference between a sore neck or a lost head! Quality chainmail is excellent at protecting a warrior from cuts and slashes, as steel can not easily shear through steel in a fight. Though excellent at protecting against bladed weapons, chainmail can often come up short when dealing with strong, penetrative weapons that can rend apart links – this is major reason as to why plate armor came into use as technology and cost allowed. By the high middle ages, a coif could have been a layer beneath a helmet, particularly for a wealthier warrior. But for poorer combatants and cobbled levies, a chainmail coif may have been the best head protection that could be acquired.

This chainmail coif with a V-Shape face opening is crafted from aluminum to create a lightweight costume piece for the non-contact reenactor, stage / media production, or for light-contact roleplay. The links are riveted for an authentic appearance, even under closer scrutiny. The aluminum has been anodized for durability and wear-resistance.

Gauge [16 Gauge]
Country of OriginIndia


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