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DVD – Hurstwic Viking Combat and Training Volume 2 – Advanced Viking Training

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This DVD builds on Volume 1 to advance its concepts and introduce more advanced combat techniques of the Vikings to help you become a better Viking fighter. It begins with an introduction into the mindset of the Viking warrior and his unwritten code of battlefield conduct and how this mindset should guide the student of the Viking martial arts.

The DVD then moves on to demonstate advanced drills to improve movement, cutting and shield defense. It also showcases grappling throws and throwing weapons. The training on this video then concludes with sparring to weave these concepts together into a whole. These DVD encompasses dozens of advanced sparring drills, exercises and scenarios to enchance your own training and study.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Warrior Code of the Vikings
Chapter 3:Advanced Training Methodologies
Chapter 4: Footwork and Movement
Chapter 5: Cutting to the Pell
Chapter 6: Cutting to Focus Pads
Chapter 7: Shield Use
Chapter 8: Grappling
Chapter 9: Projectiles
Chapter 10: Sparring
Chapter 11: Concluding Remarks
65 Minutes
NTSC widescreen video DVD-R
English-language stereo audio



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