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Dynasty Forge Bushi 1095 Dragon Theme O-Katana with Bo-Hi

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Richly adorned with the Dragon; the symbol of Imperial Power and the embodiment of the natural forces. Made by Dynasty Forge, the blade of this katana has been made from 1095 High Carbon Steel tempered with the traditional clay-tempering process, leaving a tell-tale white-steel hamon of harder steel along the edge. The blade has a deep bo-hi and large, long O-Kissaki tip. The blade is machine polished, with the final polishing done by hand. The blade is securely mounted into the tsuka with bamboo mekugi pegs. Their removal allows for maintenance disassembly and fittings customization if desired.

The wood tsuka is wrapped with rayskin ”same” and covered with woven black silk tsuka-ito cord – two dragon menuki are wrapped within. The The saya scabbard is wood, coated with glossy black lacquer with a woven black silk sageo cord. The sword comes with a blue cloth sword bag.

Please Note: It is common for the lacquer finish of the scabbards to have minor cosmetic blemishing. Also, the Menuki may not match what is pictured as it is common for the manufacturer to use different menuki for different production runs. It is also common for the sword to be configured for a single bamboo mekugi peg to be used instead of two.

Overall Length44 3/8''
Blade Length32 3/4''
Weight2 12.6 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width35.2 mm
Thickness7.9 mm - 5.9 mm
P.O.B.5 5/8''
Grip Length11 1/4''
Blade [1095 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDynasty Forge
Country of OriginChina

Dynasty Forge 1095 Bushi 29"Silver Dragon Katana Review

1 review for Dynasty Forge Bushi 1095 Dragon Theme O-Katana with Bo-Hi

  1. William S.

    Very Nice O’Katana This O’Katana looks great and handles very well. Read the review where the guy did the Musha O’Katana review and he was saying how heavy it was and how it did not handle like a tradition katana. Well, it is not a traditional sized katana and will weight more. Handling will be different with a further out POB. I like adding a few O’Katana to my collection as I am 6 feet 4 inches and the length of these is perfect for my body size. This product is well done and everything is tight. Has nice fittings. Has a frosty (enhanced) hamon that some may not like. I personally like it. Most of my katana collection is Hanwei but DF has some good ones as well.

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