The Golden Eagle Katana comes from Dynasty Forge’s premium-grade Daimyo Class and it melds a folded steel blade with a fine polish and a hilt of high quality fittings. The blade is forged from three different steels (1095, 1080 and 1060) which were skillfully blended together by the smith to create a composite blade which brings together the properties of these differing steels. The blade was differentially-tempered in the traditional manner to give it a hardened edge, a shock-absorbing spine and a genuine hamon and its tip is formed into the sweepingly graceful Shobu-Zukuri style. The blade was finished with a premium-level hand-polish that took the polisher over 40 hours to achieve with natural Japanese polishing stones to achieve a polish that brings out the hamon line and the ripple-like patterning on the blade created by the merging of the three steels.

The tsubsa, fuchi and kashira fittings are crafted from high quality brass and completed with an antiqued finish and detailing picked out in bright brass. The tsuba takes its intricate, dual-sided Eagle design from a original tsuba contained within the collection of Boston Museum of Fine Art. The tsuka has panels of genuine rayskin and is completed with a grip wrap of blue Japanese silk ito cord.

A saya scabbard of well-carved wood and a finishing, glossy black lacquer completes the sword. It has a sageo cord of blue and white-flecked silk. A cloth sword bag is included.

Please Note: It is common / standard for there to be some cosmetic blemishes on the scabbard lacquer.