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Dynasty Forge Musha 1060 Musashi Double Ring Theme Shobu Katana

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A Shobu katana has an elegantly formed blade that ends in an uninterrupted sweeping tip. Shobu means Iris – an apt description for the similarity in form between the blade and the leaf of the Iris plant. Most katana have Kissaki tips with a well-defined Yokote – a visible line that marks the beginning of the tip. The Shobu forgoes this for a blade that arcs into an aesthetically natural tip.

The blade of the Dynasty Forge Shobu Katana is crafted from 1060 high carbon spring steel. The sharp blade has been mono-tempered for shock-resisting flex and durability. The simple ring guard, a style espoused by Musashi himself, is crafted of iron, as are the fuchi and kashira grip fittings. The habaki and seppa are of brass. The wooden tsuka grip is wrapped with rayskin and overlaid with black silk tsuka-ito. Two Yajiri arrowhead menuki are wrapped beneath the tsuka-ito.

The wooden saya scabbard is coated with a black lacquer finish and has a matching black sageo cord. The saya has a cap of iron. The sword comes with a navy blue cloth sword bag.

Please Note: It is common for the lacquer finish of the scabbards to have minor cosmetic blemishing. Also, the Menuki may not match what is pictured as it is common for the manufacturer to use different menuki for different production runs. It is also common for the sword to be configured for a single bamboo mekugi peg to be used instead of two.

Overall Length41''
Blade Length29 1/8''
Weight2 lb 9.1 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width32.4 mm
Thickness7.6 mm - 5.1 mm
P.O.B.6 3/8''
Grip Length11 1/2''
Blade [1060 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDynasty Forge
Country of OriginChina

Dynasty Forge Musha Shobu Katana Review

2 reviews for Dynasty Forge Musha 1060 Musashi Double Ring Theme Shobu Katana

  1. Andrew cook

    Amazing sword This sword came in three days, which is insane shipping for most site so that’s awesome. Every single fitting on the sword is perfect. The blade is very thick and give you a solid feel when cutting mats, no reverberation to the hands, the only reason I give it four stars is because it seems whoever did the final touches befor shipping this out didn’t like their job. The sharpening job done on it seems hastey leaving the blade with a rigid edge, easily shaped up by two runs with 6000 grit belts on each side through my machine sharpener. The other complaint is with the habaki, it’s very rough which I’ve never seen before, almost as if the habaki itself was run through a low grit grind, it also had a spot of rust due to the sword coming unoiled. There are also two small chips on the back of the tip of the blade, also easily buffed out with a machine sharpener, personally I use the ken onion work sharp.
    So my conclusion is, blade and fitting all amazing other than the few dings I mentioned, edge is not well done, habaki is very nice but hidiously rough. The iron fittings are perfect and so is the blade geometry

  2. Rob

    Razor sharp. Well polished. Solid construction. Nice balance. I have 2 other katanas of a bit higher price, this is easily my favorite. I’ll be coming back to this manufacturer in the future.

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