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Dynasty Forge Musha 1060 Musashi Double Ring Theme Wakizashi with Bo-Hi

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When worn with the longer katana, the pair of blades, called daisho when worn together, signified that their bearer was a samurai, for only they could carry two swords. Useful for indoor fighting, close-quarter melee, or as a second blade in the off-hand, the Wakizashi was also often used to behead defeated opponents or to commit the ritual suicide of seppuku.It was common for a samurai to leave his katana at the entrance of a home, keeping his Wakizashi at his side. Non-samurai of the Chonin class could also carry Wakizashi as the Katana was strictly for samurai. Merchants, wary of bandits, might have a Wakizashi companion with them on their travels.

This Wakizashi, made by Dynasty Forge, features a blade crafted from 1060 high carbon spring steel mono-tempered to a Rockwell Hardness of approximately 52-53. The tsuka grip is of wood, wrapped in rayskin same. The tsuka-ito wrapping is black cotton with two brass menuki beneath. The seppa and the habaki of brass. Bamboo Mekugi hold the blade in place, but allow for disassembly for maintenance and customization. The iron tsuba is done in the double ring style reminiscent of the type favored by the legendary swordsman Minamoto Musashi. The saya scabbard is wood, coated with a glossy black lacquer and a matching black cotton sageo. It comes with a blue cloth sword bag..

Please Note: It is common for the lacquer finish of the scabbards to have minor cosmetic blemishing. Also, the Menuki may not match what is pictured as it is common for the manufacturer to use different menuki for different production runs. It is also common for the sword to be configured for a single bamboo mekugi peg to be used instead of two.

Overall Length27 3/8''
Blade Length21''
Weight1 lb 5.4 oz
Width31.2 mm
Thickness6.4 mm - 5.3 mm
P.O.B.4 5/8''
Grip Length6''
Blade [1060 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerDynasty Forge
Country of OriginChina

1 review for Dynasty Forge Musha 1060 Musashi Double Ring Theme Wakizashi with Bo-Hi

  1. Kensler

    Meh If it was a stick, it would be considered sharp. This item is going to HOURS of sharpening to achieve a good edge.

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