The Dynasty Forge Duellist is fitted with a tempered 1060 high carbon steel blade and finished with a mirror polish and a sharp edge. The crossguard and pommel are crafted from steel. The grip is wrapped in cord and finished with a tight sheath with oxblood leather. The companion scabbard has a core of wood and it is encased in oxblood leather and finished with a steel chape.

The Duellist has a blade with a diamond-cross section – a type of blade geometry which was common in the late Medieval and Renaissance period. Blades of this type are stiffened by the central ridge, which optimizes the blade for delivering maximum power in a thrust. Blades of this type were developed to counter the increasing use of quality armor on Medieval battlefields and during trials by combat. The blades were to be thrust into the weak points of an opponents defense. A competently delivered thrust was a grievous wound; it was both hard to treat and also likely to sever critical arteries when thrust into the armpits, neck or groin – the typical weak points in armor. A skilled duellist could parry and dodge until the right opening presented itself, and would end his duel in a single stroke.

Though this type of blade is optimized for thrusting, the blade retains enough width to allow it to deliver significant cuts and slashes.