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Egyptian Khopesh

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The Egyptian Khopesh first became popular around 3000 BC when Upper and Lower Egypt were first united under one Pharaoh. From then on it was an important weapon in the Egyptian foot soldier’s arsenal. Originally made of bronze and later iron, the Khopesh could be sharpened on either side or both. In this case the edge is on the outside curve. Features an unsharpened high carbon steel blade with raised brass accents. The grip is made of wood. No scabbard available.
Grip wood color may vary from brown to nearly black.

Overall Length33 5/8''
Blade Length25 3/4''
Weight4 lb 4 oz
Width97.4 mm
Thickness12.6 mm 0- 12.1 mm
P.O.B.8 1/2''
Grip Length7 3/8''
Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginIndia

Egyptian Khopesh by Deepeeka- 2022 Edition


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