The Filipino Espada Y Daga and its fighting system have their roots in the dagger and rapier fighting techniques of the Spaniards and over the centuries have evolved and developed into a unique Filipino fighting system that enables a skilled martial artist to deftly weave between the long, middle and close ranges of a combat for maximum versatility, surprise, flow and control the duel. Using dual blades in conjunction with complex footwork is difficult, but the rewards are great to the warriors who master it.

This paired Sword and Knife set were created in the Philippines and they have sharp and well-tempered blades of 5160 / D2 high carbon steel with a hardness of 58 – 60 HRc. The guards are crafted from brass and the grips are of smoothly polished Philippines hardwood. They are matched with carved scabbards of wood with decorative bands of rattan and stainless steel retaining clips that “snap” and hold the blade guard to the scabbard for a “locked” fit.