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European Breastplate

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Crafted in 16 ga. steel, this breastplate is built to withstand contact re-enactment and is provided with adjustable leather straps for a secure fit. Large size. Front plate only.

Weight8 lb 8 oz
Gauge [16 Gauge]
Dimensions19'' long
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for European Breastplate

  1. Ian

    A Good Breastplate for a bigger lad Ill start this by saying I am nearly 6’3″ and about 240lbs. This breastplate is actually a bit big on me (width wise) over light padding and my hauberk (also GDFB soldier grade) but fits very well when a gambeson is added to the mix (also GDFB size XL). It fits securely (especially with a tight belt at my waist) and I use it for free-fencing and am confident in the protection it affords (at least against a controlled opponent who I trust). The one downside is many posta (posta breve, posta di fenestra toward my off side, posta frontale, and posta di longa distesa) are hard to achieve with perfect form and some of my reverse and sottano cuts are adversely affected by the width of this piece of kit at the shoulders when wielding my longsword. One handed range of motion is impaired so little as to be of no consequence. The leather is of good quality, the buckles are serviceable (a bit shoddier than I had hoped but by no means a deal breaker) and for me its dull, natural finish is a real bonus as I prefer that on my kit, especially the bits that see contact from blunts. Overall I would certainly recommend this breastplate and anything from GDFB to re-enactors or HEMA enthusiasts who use more traditional kit.

  2. Klanderud

    Very nice piece for a non-custom part. Great value and good armor.
    I am nearly 6’ tall and 190 lbs. I generally wear L shirts in the Americas or XL or LL in Asia.
    This fits good and has room for thickly-padded gambeson with a chest protector and or mail.
    Other thick breast plate were on back order so I order this one and was very pleased.
    Nice thickness and quality. Very light weight yet thick and sturdy. Looks good for even contact sport.
    Good mobility covers the chest well and does not impede movement of the torso.
    Need a good helm and tie this tight to the body otherwise because a bad fall could bash the chin but I don’t think that it will bash the throat. Just in case where some neck protector.
    Sides under the arm stick out a little. You might hit it with your elbow during intense sparring. If your getting a back plate for this it is fine, otherwise you might want to bend it a little to hug the body more. I just bent it with my hands.
    Straps are a little smallish but if it breaks it’s probably an easy fix.
    One of the buckle prong didn’t bend properly but was an easy fix. I just bent it by hand.

  3. Welshman

    Unfortunately felt way too big for me even with a padded gambeson and mail at a very similar fit to Klanderud. Simply didn’t seem to sit right on the chest or feel good to wear, but if you’re of the handier sort you might be able to modify it to fit better. I was returning a helmet anyway so I just returned this as well.

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