A veritable symbol of Scotland itself, the Basket-Hilted Broadsword was used for centuries by highland warriors. It had an elaborate, cage-like guard for defense and a heavy blade for offense. The Broadsword was named by its comparison to comparatively thin rapiers and later smallswords. A good cut-and-thrust sword, it was often combined with an off-hand targe or dirk. The basket-hilted broadsword in its distinctive form originated in the mid 18th century and saw use through the Napoleonic Wars. It is still the ceremonial sword of the Highlander regiments of the British military.

> This sword, made by Fabri Armorum, is hand-made in the Czech Republic. The blade is made from carbon spring steel (type 14260.7). The blade is welded with brass to the pommel for strength. The guard and pommel are of steel and the grip is wood with leather glued over top. Twisted wire is inlaid into the grip. Made for heavy-duty blade on blade combat, the sword is guaranteed for two years by the manufacturer under normal stage/sport combat conditions.

The leather grips come in a variety of brown/black shades