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Fenrir Statue

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Fenrir (Fenris) is one of the great destructive forces in Norse mythology. Bound by the gods beneath the earth, Fenrir will, during the events of Ragnarok, break his bindings and kill Odin.

Fenrir was the child of Loki and a giantess – The Gods, knowing the prophecy and how Fenrir would one day destroy the world feared him and they attempted to trick him; They insulted the great wolf, calling him weak and dared him to break the chains they wanted to put upon him. The gods wrought the strongest chains they could muster, but Fenris broke free of all of them with little effort. Disparaged, they turned to the Dwarves to make a magic chain. When they finished their task they presented the gods with no chain, but a thin ribbon of otherworldly strength.

Fenrir was gravely insulted that they next would tie him down with a puny ribbon and suspected a ruse was afoot. For insurance he demanded that one of the gods put their hand between his jaws whilst he broke free. To his surprise however Fenrir was stuck fast and in a rage his jaws bit off the hand of Tyr, the only god brave enough to have put his hand in the beasts mouth. Now bound, Fenrir was chained a mile beneath the earth, out of the way of the Gods until the fateful Ragnarok when the wolf would be unleashed upon the earth.

This cast resin statue is finished to impart the appearance of a bronze statuette.

Weight1 lb 13.9 oz
Dimensions4 1/2'' Tall x 8 1/8'' Long
Country of OriginChina


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