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Filipino Ceremonial Knife No. 3

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Large, ornate knives such as this were typically used in the Northern Philippines for ceremonial occasions or for the decapitation of criminals. This unique example was crafted in the Philippines and it has a sharp blade of 5160 / D2 high carbon steel. It was tempered to possess a hardness of about 58-60 HRC.

The thick-tang of the blade is fitted to two halves of carved hardwood and a brass bolster. The knife is matched with a scabbard of carved wood with rattan bands. It is fitted with a metal belt clip that also acts as a retainer for keeping the blade sheathed by grabbing the bolster when sheathed.

Please Note: It is typical for the tropical hardwood used to create the scabbard and grip of these weapons to possess small cracks in the wood due to its adjustment to our more temperate environment. We inspect these items for large cracks and will not send such items to you. We will however send items that may have small, light cracks. These are light cosmetic blemishes and we will not send you an item with a crack that impacts the usefulness of the weapon and its structural integrity. These light cracks are common to the type of wood used.

By routinely applying a coating of protective oil you can protect the wood from drying out in your own home.

Overall Length22 1/8''
Blade Length13 5/16''
Weight1 lb 8.2 oz
Width36 mm
Thickness6.4 mm - 4.1 mm
Grip Length3 5/8''
Blade [5160/D2 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerTraditional Filipino Weapons
Country of OriginPhilippines

2 reviews for Filipino Ceremonial Knife No. 3

  1. Andrew

    Nice, sharp knives with noticeable manufacturing differences. (Design changes or individual craftsmanship?) Being the knife enthusiast that I am, I will often buy at least two of something that catches my eye and imagination. The Filipino Ceremonial No.3 is just such a knife. The knives I received are shaving sharp (not razor sharp) the entire length of the blade and have an excellent look and feel with smooth contours. In general, the wood scabbards are fairly nice, smooth and polished. Would have been a 5 star rating except for some workmanship issues or design differences between the two knives:
    1) Though both knives are the same overall length, one has a longer handle / shorter blade than the other (approximately 3/4″ difference).
    2) The handle is a little thinner and narrower on the knife with the longer handle and as such, doesn’t fill my hand as well as the other.
    3) The scabbard of the long handled knife is a “sloppier” fit compared to the other. The belt loop / retainer clip is mounted too high, allowing the knife to move about 3/8″ out before the retainer clip engages the guard. (The clip will need to be adjusted on this scabbard so I will mount it on the opposite side to wear on my left.)
    4) The blade is slightly narrower above the guard on the long handled knife.
    5) The long handled knife has “TFW” stamped into the blade.
    6) The “false edge” is actually sharp on the shorter handled knife.
    7) Lastly, the fuller is shorter, narrower, and more shallow on the long handled knife.

    The knife with the best fit for my hands, and which fits the scabbard the best, is the one shown in the images above (7-07-2016). The longer handled knife resembles the images shown on the “Traditional Filipino Weapons” website. Unlike the images on the “Traditional Filipino Weapons” website, both knives have brass guards.
    I realize the knives and scabbards are hand made and that some differences are inevitable. The differences between the two knives I purchased appear to be more of design changes than mere differences in individual workmanship, although I could be mistaken.
    Overall, I am very pleased with the knives though the differences tend to frustrate my “need” to have identical (or very near identical) knives in each hand. :)

  2. goyoelburro2 (verified owner)

    My review is going to be short.

    I LOVE THIS “KNIFE”! (It’s silly long for a knife and too short to be a sword)

    It is sturdy, the sheath is wooden and tight, the blade is THICC and sturdy, the hilt is wicked and the attached handle feels like it will never loosen.

    This is now a star in my collection. If they ever get back in stock, don’t hesitate, buy one!! Buy two if you can afford it!

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