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Filipino Talibong

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The Talibong is a sword commonly used for clearing light brush and slaughtering game in the Visayan region of the Philippines. Despite its utilitarian purpose, the Talibong is an excellent fighting blade when need be. Quick and light, its blade curves forward, focusing on a wide center of percussion, ensuring that decisive chopping force meets the target. The blade terminates into a lethal tip.

The blade of this Philippine-crafted Talibong is crafted from sharp 5160/D2 high carbon steel tempered to HRC 58-60. The guard is of darkened metal and the grip is of wood with a section tightly over-wrapped with hardened black cord for a secure grip. A carved wooden scabbard with a blade-retaining clip is included. The metal clip locks the blade in place by going over the lip of the guard. It can be released by a good tug on the grip.

Please Note: Due to being crafted in a tropical environment with native woods, it is common for these weapons to develop thin, minor cracks in the wood and the scabbard as the woods adjust to our more temperate environment. Cracks in items sent to you will not be harmful to the structural integrity of the item. Also – The decorative rattan wrapping can be brittle and may crack or break.

It is recommended that a light coating of protective oil is used to protect the wood from dryness and cracking.

Overall Length25 5/8''
Blade Length19 1/2''
Weight14.1 oz
Width38.5 mm - 41.7 mm
Thickness6 mm - 3.7 mm
P.O.B.5 3/8''
Grip Length4''
Blade [5160/02 High Carbon Steel]
Dimensions25 5/8''
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerTraditional Filipino Weapons
Country of OriginPhilippines

2 reviews for Filipino Talibong

  1. T.S.

    Super Craftsmanship This is my only TFW item. I bought it after hearing glowing reviews of other TFW products, but there was nothing being said about their talibong. I chose the talibong for the handle ergos and elegant recurved blade.

    The blade resembles a long, skinny khukuri. It even has a broad, shallow fuller between the spine and the start of the bevel. It’s got a double bevel, not a traditonal single bevel. Not historically accurate, but you can’t argue with a symmetrical bevel and I’m sure it reduces the amount of confused customers wondering why their Visayan sword has a single bevel like a sushi knife.

    I gave the blade an etch in ferric chloride and, yes, it is forged and differentially tempered. I’m skeptical about the claims of “blended D2/5160.” Honestly I’d be quite happy with a plain 5160 truck spring. The smiths clearly know what they’re doing, so I’m willing to cut the copywriting department a little slack.

    Next: the handle. This is a partial tang done right. The talibong has tight nylon wraps over a steel collar that compresses the wooden handle below the guard. The guard itself fits snugly. The decorative carvings on the handle were cut with a rotary tool rather than a chisel or knife and show some minor scorch marks. Otherwise I can’t complain. It’s real kamagong.

    The scabbard is really neat to have, especially at this price point. Yes, it’s a little rattly. The steel belt clip / retainer doohickey works like a charm, nevermind the aesthetics.

    To conclude, I’m very happy with my first TFW sword. I’d rather it had a single bevel, and I’d rather they weren’t so shady about “blended 5160/D2” but, dang it, the shop that supplies them are masters. The talibong’s shape makes me wonder how nice of a kukri they’d make. These guys are pros with water-quenched 5160.

  2. Ryan M.

    Amazing quality So i have owned this blade for a bit over a year and it has turned into my go-to for anything i may need a machete type blade to do. The weight and balance lend itself to being a quick and agile cutter while also maintaining quite excellent thrusts due to the slender tip and the forward slope of the blade which keeps the thrust quite ergonomic as you dont have to bend the wrist beyond a handshake grip. The overall aesthetic is quite beautiful, even moreso in person than in picture. Ive done some rather abusive cutting as ive chopped quite a number of 8+ inch hard, dry logs, everything remained quite solid however due to the differential heat treat in which you can see a subtle hamon, the blade did take a minor set which took all of 5 seconds to remedy, this is not a problem for me as its somewhat expected that differentially hardened blades were designed to take a set under extreme abuse as opposed to breaking and i was abusively laying into the logs with each cut, seeing as this is a hunting machete first and foremost its not meant for processing larger logs for fire wood bur rather clearing brush and slaughtering game after youve shot and tracked the animal, this was the only time ive had the blade take a set and have used it numerous other times for rather abusive cutting with wood, that being said the edge never took any damage beyond slow edge dulling but no rolling or chipping, the only issue i have noticed is that the blade is slightly offset from the handle, the blade lines perfectly with the grip but the hand carved decorative “pommel” that kind of swoops out is the part that is offset as it swoops out at a slight angle but not in an extreme way and its not obvious looking at it but there will always be slight imperfections in almost anything that is hand made, this does nothing to take away from the fact that this thing is a solid beast of a blade and easily some of the highest quality work ESPECIALLY at this price point and thats just the blade itself, the scabbard is also of equal quality, the fit isnt perfect but due to the curve of the blade im not surprised, however the clip is a very appreciated addition as it tightly secures the blade and has a loop of metal in the clip to secure it to the belt and drawing the blade is no issue at all, overall this has become my favorite blade due to its use as an extremely formidable weapon and its utilitarian use as a tool

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