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Forged Chopping Pudao

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This Pudao has a large chopping blade forged of high carbon steel and crafted with a thick, durable blade spine. The guard is of iron and the blade has a long tang which is secured within the wooden haft with a dual-pinned construction. The shaft is wrapped in knotted cord bindings in three places, the last of which encompasses the metal ring at the base of the polearm.

A vinyl leather, buttoned blade sheath is included.

Overall Length51 1/2''
Blade Length25 1/8''
Weight3 lb 13.4 oz
EdgeModerately Sharp
WidthBlade Width: 40.1 mm - 69.7 mm
ThicknessBlade Thickness: 7.7 mm - 4.5 mm
P.O.B.POB: 2''
Grip LengthGrip: 26''
Blade [High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginChina

3 reviews for Forged Chopping Pudao

  1. Wout

    hefty cleaver on a stick My gosh this thing a beast! The blade thick and has a lot more heft to it than you might think, it looks a lot like one of those post-apocalyptic cleavers. When you wield it, it feels more like 3 kilo than 3 pounds. The wooden shaft is smooth (but not too smooth you can still get a good grip on it), The wrapping cord is nice and comfy in the hand with a good grip.

  2. A Really High Elf

    I bought one of these a few years ago from a different seller and I was pretty disappointed by my testing. The handle is grippable as the other reviewer mention, but it cracked on the first melon. The blade is heavy and tough, but the tang was either made of a much lower grade steel or was unhardened. I removed the broken wood to rehaft it and the tang was weak and bent. Really more a decorative piece than a truly battle ready blade as advertised by the manufacturer, but at $50 its not terrible. Could make a really good project blade.

  3. A sober elf

    A Really High Elf – April 3, 2021….you ordered from a different sell years ago,as you said. I don’t think thats a review of this product at all, it sucks that they did you dirty like that, but it got nothing to do with this product…

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