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Gjermundbu Helmet

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Based on the find at Gjermundbu, Norway, this Viking helm will provide the re-enactor with authentic head protection. Crafted in 14 gauge steel with a full leather suspension and chin strap.
Sized as follows:
Medium – 25” around, 9” front to back, 7 3/4” side to side
Large – 27” around, 9 1/2” front to back, 8” side to side

Weight4 1/2 - 5 lb
Gauge [14 Gauge]
TypeOcular Helm
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

5 reviews for Gjermundbu Helmet

  1. bandit

    viking helmet I was very impressed with the viking helmet, and would recommend it to others, viking reanactors and they have a medium size and large size
    for me I don’t have a big head and large size never fit me but the medium style fit just right.

  2. Rick M.

    BIG Helm! This helm is massive! It’s very well made and affords outstanding protection. It covers most of the face and ears, and the cats-eye ocular piece allows pretty good peripheral vision. This would be a perfect helmet for Viking style battle (shield wall) where fighting is extremely close and blows come in downward from the front.
    If the fighting is in open field, this isn’t a helm I’d use. Too heavy to run around in and restricts vision.
    All in all though, for viking style melee this is awesome.

  3. Friedrich

    High quality, big helm This is a beautiful helm design. It’s a bit heavier and taller than what I was expecting, though. Also, be careful of the spike on top (keep out of reach of children). Very good quality, nice liner, and GDFB is probably the best brand out there. One of the main reasons I purchased this helm was its bigger size – note the length, width, and circumference. My head is only 23.5″ in circumference but something about its shape requires at least a 26″ circumference helm, so many of them would be too small. Keep in mind that the helm will fit a lot smaller than your expecting due to it having a liner, and due to the shape not matching a particular persons head exactly, so it’s better to go larger IMO (figure at least 1″ larger length and width than that of your head).

  4. Mike

    Pretty decent helmet but a bit bulky. The overall quality and construction is very solid. I got this as a project helmet for display and will be riveting some chain mail to the circumference. I will also be putting a patina finish on the metal. If you will be using this in reenactments or RP, I would note, as another reviewer did, that it sits very high on the head, kind of like a Macedonian helm. It feels a bit wobbly and bulky on my noggin compared to other helmets I own, although everyone’s head is different. I typically am in the 25-27 ” range in terms of fit and the large size is definitely on the upper range of Large, both in terms of internal volume and height. You might want to consider that info when sizing but that’s just my opinion. If it wasn’t for the fact this is for display, I might have returned it for the Medium. Other than that, it is a decent helmet.

  5. Gabe

    Big head, big helmet My re-enactment group did not have a representation of a Gjermudbu… and I got a huge noggin… so the onus was on me to get this one. It fits my huge noggin and looks cool too. Can take a hit (though we don’t aim for the head) and the liner works. I added a little innocuous strip of black foam along the nasal part but the chin strap, when you get it in good, does it’s job and keeps the helmet from a-b axis (nose to back of head) movement thus that nasal does not hit my nose with normal jostling -about. I also added a thin layer of padding between helm and liner just to filter some of that bell-ringing you might get.

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