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Gothic Sallet Helmet – Steel Finish

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One look at the Gothic Sallet Helmet – Steel Finish and it’s easy to see why the sallet ended up becoming one of the more common helmets of the Middle Ages. Not only is this helmet very protective, but it can also be visually pleasing, as well. This particular sallet is modeled after the classic German Gothic style, which gives it an elegant design that features attractive fluting and ridge work that enhances the look of the armour while also reinforcing its strength. This sallet features a rounded top with a ridge down its centerline, as well as a ridged plate on the forehead that adds both visual appeal and additional protection. The bellows visor, named because of the breath cuts made on the visor, swivels up and down. The back of the helm features a series of lames secured together, creating an articulated plate array that protects the back of the neck. The interior of the helmet features leather lining as well as an adjustable leather chin strap, which is perfect for keeping the helmet secured and in-place when wearing it. The helmet features a shiny metal finish that is perfect for creating a ”knight in shining armour” look, and the helmet also pairs nicely with our other Gothic Armour sets thanks to its gleaming appearance. It is available in medium or large. There is a reason that the sallet helmet, in design, remained around for centuries, and that is because armour like the Gothic Sallet Helmet – Steel Finish is not only incredibly appealing to look at, but also incredibly effective at keeping its wearer relatively safe from harm.

Medium: 26” Cir.
Large: 28” Cir.

Gauge [18 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerEpic Armoury
Country of OriginIndia


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