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Greek Bull Head Shield

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The Greek Bull Head Shield is a solid functional shield made of 1/2” thick composite wood (which provides a smoother finish and stronger shield than plywood) with a beveled edge. Dual leather straps are used to secure the arm along the back. Hand painted in a classic Greek style with black and white bull design over a gleaming metallic gold background. The border is striped with black and deep gold. The shield has also been applied with several coats of varnish to further protect and preserve it from wear. Historically the Greek Bull shield device was often used by veterans of the battle of Marathon where in 490 BC the out numbered forces of the Greeks defeated the invading Persian army.
Please note though this shield is in a Greek design, it is not a ”Hoplon” or more correctly termed ”Aspis” shield, in that it is flat not dished with a rim.

DimensionsDiameter: 23 1/2''
Country of OriginUSA


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