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Greifenfels Gambeson – Natural

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Additional information

The Greifenfels Gambeson gives its wearer the essential foundational layer of padded armor needed for a medieval warriors kit and it works well both as a base layer by which more encompassing armor is placed over or worn on its own for an appearance suiting a medieval soldier. It is crafted from durable cotton and padded on the inside. Cloth buttons on the front secure and fasten this arming garment closed.

Sizing Info

Chest Size
Small: 36 5/8 – 38 1/8
Medium: 39 3/4 – 41 3/8
Large: 42 7/8 – 44 1/2
XL: 46 – 47 5/8
2XL: 49 1/4 – 50 3/4

Country of OriginNepal

2 reviews for Greifenfels Gambeson – Natural

  1. R*t*rd (verified owner)

    Surprising quality for an “off the rack” item. I’d highly recommend this gambeson if you’re looking for a good under-armor garment. Listen to the sizing chart and it may turn out very well for you as it has for me. The garment is quite tightly fitted to the body, in a very good way, not too restrictive at all for it’s fit. It probably won’t do well at all as standalone armor, but will look good for reenactments or under plate or maille.

  2. Connor (verified owner)

    I second R*t*rd’s review. Lmao. To add onto what he’s already said, the gambeson has no padding in the armpits and the inner elbows, which allows for greater range of mobility. A welcome feature that makes wearing maille more comfortable. However, I will be modifying it by installing eyelets around the opening of the wrist so I can tighten the sleeve around my wrists using some laces, because I can slip my whole other hand into the sleeve as it is. Other than that minor gripe, which would be mitigated by bracers or other wrist armor, it’s worth every dollar.

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