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Hand-Carved Norse Ravens Weapon Stand


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Crafted and carved from a single oaken plank, this weapon stand will display your sword, long seax, spear or axe in a earthy and ancient manner that cannot be achieved by plain, poly-form wood weapon stands.

The hand-tooled designs of this stand portray the Raven and a dark brown wood stain brings out the fullness of its detailing. Well-carved, the two vertical holders snugly slot together with the base for assembly.

In Norse mythology the Raven holds a high perch of importance, for it is the twin Ravens Huginn and Muninn who are the eyes of Odin and their names roughly translate to thought and memory; from their wind-borne vantage they watch the world and in the aftermath of battles they take toll of the names of the brave and worthy. When they return to Odin they will tell him of what they have seen and thus the Odin the one-eyed perceives a great deal more than his appearance would suggest. In Celtic mythology the Ravens are closely associated with war and bear close association with several Goddesses, some of whom use their form at will, most notably the Morrigan.

Please Note: Weapons Not Included.

Dimensions14 1/2'' Wide x 8 1/4'' Tall
Country of OriginUSA


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