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Hanwei Cawood Sword

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The Hanwei Cawood Sword has a blade of 5160 High Carbon Steel. The guard and pommel are of steel and the grip is overlaid with brown leather. The hard-core scabbard is overlaid with brown leather and has a steel throat and chape.

The celebrated Cawood Sword, named after its discovery location near Cawood Castle in England, is regarded as one of the finest and best-preserved examples of an 11th century Viking sword in existence. Preserved in the mud of the bed of the River Ouse for almost a millenium, the sword has now found a permanent home in the Yorkshire Museum, where it is a leading attraction. What is almost certainly a sister sword was unearthed in Norway in 1888, giving a valuable clue to the Cawood Swords origin.

Overall Length36''
Blade Length30''
Weight2 lb 7 oz
Width49.8 mm
Thickness5.3 mm - 3 mm
P.O.B.4 5/8''
Grip Length4 ''
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginChina

8 reviews for Hanwei Cawood Sword

  1. Richard Scroggins

    Solid but light. I have worked with Japanese swords for years as a Kendo practitioner, but this is my first purchase of a European sword of any considerable length. My first impression, other than how solid it feels, was how light it feels. This sword is very well balanced and feels great in the hand. No issues with fit and finish that I see. The pommel looks rough from hammering, but I prefer it that way. From what I can see and feel, the temper is good. This sword is at the top of the Hanwei line and it shows when you see it and feel it. While I have not done any heavy cutting yet, this thing should be a beast, being made from well tempered 5160.

  2. Ray B.

    hanwei cawood sword I changed my handle to a oxblood color leather cord wrap with risers which looks great.Have cut various watter bottler,mata and small bamboo with no problem love the over all looks of the sword.My scabble got damaged so had to redo it some so made the color of handle oxblood.This is a very nice Viking sword,love the steel hanwei uses in their blades

  3. hengishammer

    Amazing Balance!!!!! This sword is amazing. Feels like an extension of my arm. Not overbalanced in any way, and has some awesome details like a sword belt loop on the scabbard. If youre looking for an awesome viking sword—this is it. I own 3 other swords and this isnt whippy at all. You wont regret it.

  4. Archimedes One

    Definitely the best Hanwei I own. This swords feels so good to swing that I couldn’t possibly not give it five stars, but there are a couple problems with it that should be considered. The first is with the scabbard. It’s nicer than most scabbards that come with swords in this price range, but the leather-work around the belt loop was a bit sloppy. Unfortunately, that sloppiness also carried over to the second problem which has to do with the peen-job. There were some fairly substantial hammer marks on the pommel itself which is not okay in my view.

    I would definitely still recommend this sword because its an absolute joy to handle and is solidly constructed, but it’s not without its flaws.

  5. Ian S.

    Fantastic This is definitely the best sword I have owned in my short life, but I am a long time window shopper– I think I know my stuff well enough to tell you to buy this right now. It came to me about a week after I ordered it, and in the usual shipping grease. Straight out of the box, the first thing that struck me about it was the incredible lightness of it. The 5160 steel is of Albion quality, and the overall effort put into the construction puts the balance just past the tips of the quillions. I haven’t tested it out yet (besides my usual impulsive “destroy the box from whence it came” ritual), but I can say that the lightness of the blade does not make it feel whippy at all! It’s a gem of a Hanwei, and my gripes are few– that said, there are gripes. One, I find the choice of leather to be a little a little to susceptible to dirt, and the construction of the belt loop looks rather unfinished. Minutia, as far as you should be concerned.

  6. Mark M.

    Supreme is not the word…. I love this sword. Most of the comments made by other reviewers all ring true. This sword handles like a dream, and is razor-sharp. The leatherwork around the belt loop on my scabbard was actually quite tidy. My only qualm about the whole thing is the awful, orange-tinted leather on the grip and scabbard. It was nothing that a soft abrasive pad and some dark brown shoe polish couldn’t fix. DelTin makes a version of this sword, but it looks sloppy, has no scabbard, and is much higher priced. I would also say the DelTin would need sharpening before you could cut a melon with it. Not downing DelTin, though…..they make some beautiful swords. My Cawood is currently a ‘wall-hanger’….but it wont be when I decide to go to Ren-Fest in full Viking gear!!! Fantastic effort on Hanwei’s part! BRAVO!!!!!

  7. Zac

    Marvel Beautiful sword.
    Love what you did Hanwei
    Only flaw i could possibly pick at is the end of the pommel bears some marks.
    But now I will add some of my own! In Futhark, (old Norse) I am having the word ‘bitter cold’ engraved.

  8. Lord S.

    FLAWLESS! Of all the swords I have bought from KofA,this is my favorite! I honestly cannot find a thing wrong with it. It’s lively,sharp,and feels like an extension of my arm. I would dare to compare it to swords in my collection costing 4 times as much that are domestically produced and it even comes with an artful scabbard! I may have to order a second one so I can have one for each hand.
    Seriously, you can’t go wrong here. BUY this one!

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