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Hanwei Chinese Pudao

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The Chinese Pudao, originally an infantry weapon, has been adopted into the martial arts and its use in the hands of a skilled practitioner is spectacular. This weapon is also known as a horse-cutter sword, since it was used to slice the legs out from under a horse during battle. Paul Chen / Hanwei Chinese Pudao is a weapon to be coveted by infantry of old and modern martial artists alike. The high-carbon tempered steel blade has an agressive distal taper to promote quickness and balance and a long tang for strength, while the oak staff is tightly wrapped in a traditional pattern to optimize handling and adds to the distinctive appearance, as do the dragon-head bronzed steel blade collar and bell tassel. This weapon combines the best attributes of the sword and staff.

A problem with the Hanwei pudao

4 reviews for Hanwei Chinese Pudao

  1. Stephen B.

    Very impressive for the price! Everywhere else I had checked has had it on back order so I decided to buy it from here! It is the cheapest I have seen for the Hanwei Pudao and buying from the Hanwei website itself would cost around $500. For being a third of the price it is from what I can tell exactly the same quality. I am very impressed! It was packaged very well and arrived via UPS Ground within a week of ordering. (East Coast to West Coast). The only thing I wish is that it came with a scabbard/sheathe for the blade, I would have gladly paid more to get one along with it. (Maybe an idea for the future). I am definitely going to do my future “toy” shopping on this site :)

  2. Shaolin

    very happy! Fun for cutting and forms. The wrapping is coming a little bit loose from use though but no big deal. The tip might need filing down as well because it is very thin.

  3. Planescaped

    A must have for the Price The steel is a bit soft and prone to chipping and denting, but for 160$, you can’t do better than this. I have personally bought 3 of them over the years. First thing I do is clip off the copper bell, last thing I dow is saw down the shaft to make a heavy but pretty awesome sword. :P

    I am very rough on the Hanwei Pudao, and it took repeated heavy chopping agianst wooden posts for one of them to finally break, another is a bit bent but usuable, the other is perfectly fine. I honestly think I prefer the sawed-off pudao sword abomination though. It’s just good fun.

  4. Jonathan Brower

    Beautiful I bought this a couple years ago for my friend who has trained with kung-fu weapons and she loves it. I do feel like I would probably break it, but she is more graceful than I am. It is light and sturdy enough for what it is. It feels like it would be devastating against soft targets, but, like most weapons, I wouldn’t try to chop wood with it. It is very beautiful though. I love the red lacing. Lovely wall decoration that you could actually take down and use in a dire situation.

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