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Hanwei Practical Rapier 37 Inch Blade

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The Practical Rapier has an SCA-approved 37 inch Schlager blade. The tapered blade form provides superior balance compared to the traditional parallel-sided schlagers of the same length, making for a faster sword. The high-carbon steel blade provides good flexibility and is button-tipped for safety. The hilt features solid steel construction with a wire wrapped grip. No scabbard available.

Overall Length43 1/2''
Blade Length37''
Weight2 lb 6 oz
Width24.8 mm
Thickness5.2 mm - 3 mm
Grip Length4 1/8''
ClassSport Combat
Country of OriginChina

3 reviews for Hanwei Practical Rapier 37 Inch Blade

  1. Darakez

    Great Accurately Weighted Sparring Sword for the Price. Having used this for several months mostly against other rapiers and side swords, here are my conclusions:


    1.Looks great! Very lovely guard.
    2. Weighs as much as a rapier should. It’s not too light or too heavy compared to historical rapiers.
    3. It’s length and guard offer great protection against cuts.
    4. The tip is perfectly safe and not floppy at all, and it’s easy to pound a rubber safety tip on to it for additional protection.
    5. The guard not only looks good, it’s solid and very protective against cuts! it’s taken heavy hits without a scratch. It’s size also fits a lot of hands and covers a lot of my silhouette when assuming a guard.
    6. Replacement blades for sale. This is great, as rapiers can get beat up a lot with HEMA sparring, especially against mixed weapons (see negatives section for more)

    1. A rolled tip would be much better than the capped tip it has as it would be far less likely to snap.
    2. It doesn’t come in a left handed version. A more symmetrical guard would solve that.
    3. Alas, like MOST rapier simulators I’ve held tt has relatively soft steel in the blade and is very flexible throughout. This means that most existing training longswords, messers, and side swords would beat it up very handily as they are built more like steel bars and are much more rigid.
    4. The blade’s flexibility combined with its length makes very unresponsive when cutting.


    This has been a great first rapier to own. I’ve fenced with several before this but I love this one. If the manufacturer makes a future model, I’d recommend a left handed or symmetrical version of the guard. Lastly, a more solid blade construction on training rapiers in general is needed for people to be able to practice effectively against harder or stiffer blades found in choppier sword simulators. I’d recommend this one for anyone looking for a budget priced rapier as it performs just as well as some of the more expensive swords I’ve held.

  2. Adrian

    Good for Stage I’ve used these for a number of Staged/Theatrical Combat Workshops. They hold up well and are comfortable to use. Little on the heavy side, especially for new people who have never held a sword before. Also the blades are replaceable, so any failures of the blade can be easily and quickly replaced.

    I will say that the one major letdown I have with these is actually the button tip. I’ve heard it’s not great for HEMA and most would prefer a spatulated tip that a rubber blunt can be put on easily. I know from experience while tinkering with my blade on my workbench the blade fell off the bench and smacked me above the nose. The button tip cut pretty deeply into it my face. As a safety concern for stage all of these have been removed. I’d advise anyone who buys this to do the same, even for HEMA, as it would allow you to add a rubber blunt fairly easily if the unsafe button tip is removed.

    Overall a nice product, especially for the price.

  3. Rodrigo Masó Yi-Con

    I just got one as my first rapier and so far, I am very happy with it. It went against a longsword and another rapier, with good results.

    So far, this are my observations:
    Good flexible blade, not to wobble to be annoying but enough to not hurt anyone. In cutting I have no trouble at all although I try to avoid them in order not to abuse of the sword. It’s weight is enough to be physically demanding but not enough to hurt.

    Of course, one must take care of the sword and not put it into excessive stress, for no sword is indestructible. For the rest, fully recommended, specially as a first rapier.

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