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Hanwei Tinker Longsword Blade

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This replacement blade is made for the Hanwei Tinker Pearce Longsword SH2394. Made of sharpened high carbon steel with short fuller and long tang. The tang is threaded. Also makes a great option for a project sword.

Overall Length46 1/8''
Blade Length34 5/8''
Weight1 lb 15.3 oz
Width53.6 mm
Thickness6.6 mm - 2.4 mm
Grip LengthN/A
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginChina

5 reviews for Hanwei Tinker Longsword Blade

  1. Garrett

    Quality sword, with adjustments. I bought this alongside the blunt version of the Tinker Pearce Longsword. After swapping the blades out and cutting water bottles with it, it truly lived up to all of the wonderful things said about it. Sharp, beautiful, and very well balanced. However, the threaded portion of the tang was too long, and was bottoming out in the nut leaving everything loose. I did not encounter this problem with the blunt blade, the tang on the sharp blade was simply too long. I had to use a dremel tool and a cutting bit to cut off a little less than half an inch of the tang, and everything worked flawless after that.

  2. Alex

    very good for the price well i wanted project/custom sword. but not the wall hanger. so i ordered this blade and and nut i have designed and made my own pommel and cross guard made my own wood handle. wrap it with cord and leather. and i am happy. even though it has nice point edge needs to be sharpened more. it is a bit to the floppy side. it is not like whip but taking in consideration price i paid its acceptable for me.unfortunately i can not post picture here. maybe will do video when finish the scabbard

  3. Lonerider

    Hanwei Tinker Longsword blade Ordered this and mocked up my own hilt furniture to get a sharp ls on the cheap. The blade is sturdy, well made, and pleasing to the eye and hand. I like the brushed finish doesn’t show scratches as much. KOA was very helpful and this shipped right on time.
    I’ve never had a sharp longsword before so I thought my difficulty cutting was my inexperience. No doubt that played a part, but more importantly was the edge. It sold as sharp so I didn’t select sharpening service, but it came more or less blunt! Doh!
    If it had come with a decent edge I’d have given five stars. As it is, for this excellent albeit blunt blade I give 3 stars, only because I’ve spent three days off and on honing it and it is still only sort of sharp. It will now cut water jugs and sometimes bottles, but it is still not “sharp” as it should be.

    Great sword, I love everything but the edge…

  4. Jonathan S.

    One of the Best Project Blades Let’s be frank: this isn’t the perfect longsword blade. “But why did you give it five stars?!?” Well, because I’m reviewing this as a project blade–a piece that’s meant to be worked on, that isn’t expected to be ready-to-use in its starting state. And for THAT purpose, it’s pretty much perfect. The edges are a little chunky, with a sizeable secondary bevel. Passable, as others have said, but not great. The advantage, from a tinkering perspective, is this gives you more metal to work with for different edge geometries. Want a very robust, convex edge? Cool, a couple hours with a file and you’re good to go. Do you want a classic appleseed edge? A couple more hours. Do you want a very fine, thin, flat grind, like I did? I put quite a few hours into grinding this blade to the proper geometry, refining the tip, etc. Polished it up, hilted it, and it’s absolutely phenomenal. I’ve got friends with Albions who were blown away when I showed them this custom Tinker. They were very, very perturbed that a $100 blade could cut about as well as a $1,000 sword. The steel is hard but flexible, holds an edge beautifully, and is stiff enough to deliver great thrusts without being too brittle. Ultimately, if you’re looking for an off-the-shelf blade on which you won’t have to do much major work, I don’t think this is the product for you. But if you’re looking for a project blade and plan on working the geometry to your liking, this blade will meet and exceed your expectations; that, I promise.

  5. T

    3 star reviews are speaking from ignorance putting it bluntly.
    This is a tinker (look him up) designed sword blade for barely more than $100. It is 15/5 stars from the start. No other sword south of the $~1000 mark today has anywhere near this level of technical knowledge put into it’s blade geometry. Effectively all other swords within the pricing bracket of the H/T longsword this is the replacement/project blade for are just flatstock cut into the profile shape of sword blades. Compared to 6.6 mm – 2.4 mm of distal taper. This is a real sword in an entry sword market bereft of real swords.

    Point 2. It is made of spring steel. You can flex these blades tens of degrees without issue. Yet again, almost only sword in this price point whose blade will not be destroyed by a 15 degree bend off center. Though being springsteel, that does mean it requires effort to sharpen and keep sharp. That said, the factory edge out the box is perfectly serviceable for test cutting bottles or meat targets. Could be better, can be better (use a 1×30 belt sander with 600-1000 grit knife sharpening belts) but is better out the box than just about anything not semicustom to begin with.

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