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Heimdall Statue

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Heimdall, the keeper of the rainbow Bifrost Bridge into Asgard, stands vigilant as its watchman, defending the way into Asgard from the Giants. Eagle-eyed of sight and piercing with perception, Heimdall has the power of foreknowledge. From his bridge-side home Himinbjg where he drinks fine mead, Heimdall keeps watch for the beginning of Ragnar, when he will call the warhost of Asgard to gather with a thunderous bellow from his horn, the Gjallerhorn. Long in contention with Loki, it is foreknown that Heimdall and Loki will kill one another in the Ragnar.

This cast resin statue is finished in metallic bronze to impart the appearance and feel of a bronze statuette

Dimensions9 7/8'' Tall
Country of OriginChina


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