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Hurum Viking Sword

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The Hurum Viking Sword has a blade forged from EN45 high carbon steel. The guard and pommel are mild steel and the wooden grip is bound in leather cord. The companion scabbard of wood is tightly overlaid in leather and finished with a steel chape and wooden suspension loop.

Although swords were much less common than spears and axes in Viking hands, this was likely due to its much higher cost over the axe and spear to produce. Not only did the sword require more iron, but it also required much more skill and effort from the smith. For while the spear and axe need to merely be durable, the sword blade must not only be made thin, but it must be well-tempered to allow it to flex and return true. The amount of smiths capable of doing this well was surely less than those who could make simpler implements and thus prices were high to reflect this.

This barrier to ownership meant that bearing a sword into battle indicated the noble or professional warrior status of the man who wielded it.

Overall Length36 11/16''
Blade Length30 13/16''
Weight3 lb 1 oz
Width55.2 mm
Thickness4.5 mm - 3.4 mm
Grip Length4 1/4''
Blade [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
Country of OriginIndia

4 reviews for Hurum Viking Sword

  1. Mike M.

    Deepeeka has outdone themselves While this sword has very similar features to the Big Heavy Chopper beast Hersir Sword, in appearance alone. This sword is light, manueverable, balanced and an all around fine sword. Capable of making some serious damage by horizontally slashing at your target, not to mention the upward chops and parrying, makes this sword one Wolf Bear of a blade. Highly recommended for the collector, the Hema warrior, the stage actor, and anyone who takes an interest in history and all that is sword.

  2. Kelton

    Great first sword I just recently bought this sword and was impressed how nice it was. The sheath is made of wood leather and some iron which looks great. The only problem I have is that there is a slight, but noticeable, bend in it. I’m not an expert on swords so I’m not sure if this will affect any use of it. I hope if you buy it you’ll enjoy it as much as I will.

  3. Greg Engberg

    This sword, even after sharpening, was at least a half pound heavier than the specifications stated. Over 3 1/2 pounds, with no distal taper. It is really heavy with the weigh very forward on the blade. Not agile at all. Very disappointed in weight and thickness of the blade.
    Otherwise it looks to be well put together for a more budget blade. Nothing loose. Nothing glaringly wrong with it. The sharpening job was well done.

  4. Ray

    Very good quality considering the relatively budget price. It’s quite heavy for a sword, but that’s to be expected for a lower-end one anyways. A big criticism I have is that the handle is pretty uncomfortable. it’s both somewhat too short, and too thin to hold entirely comfortably. And the pommel and crossguard both have very sharp corners which, as well as with the rough cord that is wrapped around the handle can hurt your hand when you swing it around. That combined with the quite heavy weight of the sword makes for something that is pretty unpleasant to swing out of the box. A couple of minor fixes though, simply just filing down the corners and wearing decent gloves fixes the issue for the most part. It’s solidly built, and I’d definitely recommend it.

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