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In Saint Georges Name – An Anthology of Medieval German Fighting Arts

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The medieval knight was a well-trained fighting man, expert in the use of sword, lance, spear and dagger, and member of a warrior aristocracy whose values, virtues and vices helped shape European society for over 500 years. As a window into the knight and his craft, In Saint Georges Name: An Anthology of Medieval German Fighting Arts brings readers a treasure trove of historic combat treatises, musings on the culture and context of the martial arts in the late Middle Ages, and hands-on training exercises for wrestling, dagger, falchion, and poleaxe. Join medieval combat expert Christian Henry Tobler on an expansive journey into the lost world of chivalric fighting arts, certain to thrill martial artists, arms and armour enthusiasts, and lovers of history alike. Author: Christian Henry Tobler


About the Author
The Selohaar Fechtschule
Chickens and Eggs: Which Master Came First?
Master Peter Falkners Dagger
Lance, Spear, Sword, and Messer
The Messerfechten of Master Paulus Kal
Hot, Wet, Cold, and Dry: the Four Guards
A Late 15th Century German Poleaxe Treatise
Master Paulus Kals Four Hip Wrestlings
Introduction to the Von Danzig Fechtbuch
The Von Danzig Fechtbuch 1452
Ownership and Catalogue Information
Johannes Liechtenauers Verse Epitome (Zettel)
Anonymous Commentaries on Liechtenauers Longsword
Anonymous Commentaries on Liechtenauers Mounted Combat
Anonymous Commentaries on Liechtenauers Armoured Combat
Andres Lignitzers Armoured Combat with the Half-Sword
Andres Lignitzers Sword and Buckler Combat
Andres Lignitzers Wrestling
Andres Lignitzers Dagger Techniques
Martin Huntfeltzs Armoured Combat with the Half-Sword
Martin Huntfeltzs Pinning Techniques in Armour
Martin Huntfeltzs Dagger Techniques
Martin Huntfeltzs Mounted Combat
Otts Wrestling
Peter von Danzigs Commentary on Liechtenauers Armoured Combat

Paperback 210 Pages

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