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Kettle Hat

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The Kettle helmet is no-nonsense utilitarian head-protection for the medieval infantryman and archer. The dome protects the head well and the wide brim protects and deflects downward blows as well as keeping the heat of the sun off the face. Both hearing and sight are unobstructed, leaving the infantrymans senses sharp to respond to mass orders. The helm is also good for the siege, protecting both attackers and defenders from sky-falling arrows and ground-bound debris.

This kettle helm by Epic Armoury has been crafted from 18 gauge steel (1 mm thick) It is lined with leather suspension for padding, shock absorption and adjustment to fit the head firmly. It has an integrated leather chin strap with adjustable steel buckle to help keep the helm firmly affixed to its wearer.

Gauge [18 Gauge]
TypeKettle Helm
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerEpic Armoury
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for Kettle Hat

  1. Alexandreius (verified owner)

    Quite Decent.

  2. Richard Polinski (verified owner)

    I just received this helmet and it is fantastic, even better than I anticipated. I chose this one because I have a very large head, size 8 with a 25 inch circumference and on top of that its shape is an extra long oval. That makes it very hard for me to find headwear. The specs on this helmet seemed like they would work for me, the largest I’d seen and the front to back and side to side correct for my shape. I called K of A to confirm the dimensions and they were extremely helpful, getting an actual helmet from stock and measuring while I was on the phone. With that confirmed I placed the order.

    The next thing to report is that the photos in the ad do not do the helmet justice. For one thing the actual chinstrap is just as heavy duty as the black one shown but is brown and has a brass reproduction medieval/renaissance buckle and the whole setup looks much more authentic than in the photos. It is extremely strong and riveted to the helmet, not just attached to the liner. Next, the photos seem to show some of the rivets not set all the way but that is not the case on the helmet I received. It is very solid and well put together. I was also pleased with the 18 gauge thickness of the steel. It is as thick as a US WWII army helmet of the kind used through the mid-80’s and is plenty thick and sturdy. I also did some research and there was apparently quite a bit of variation in the thickness of medieval helmets and most varied in thickness in the same helmet. Some were in fact 18 gauge and some were much thicker but thicker where it was needed, like a breast plate. So a reproduction in all 14 gauge steel is not necessarily any more authentic that one all in 16 gauge or all in 18 gauge. I do know that for normal ren-faire wear I’d hate to put up with the weight of an all 14 gauge helmet all day. Anyway, don’t let the 18 gauge automatically put you off.

    Needless to say I’m very happy with the helmet and with K of A’s help that allowed me to purchase with confidence. I don’t think you can beat this for the price and if you have a giant head like me you should be happy too.

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