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Legacy Arms Brookhart Templar Sword

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Founded as the Poor Soldiers of Christ of the Temple of Solomon – The Knights Templar became the most powerful of the militant Monastic Orders. It was founded in 1120 by nine knights who sought to alleviate and counter the depredations that pilgrims too commonly endured on the long route to Christian-controlled Jerusalem from Muslim bandits and warbands.The knights relied on charity donations and their seal depicts two knights riding a single horse – a reference to their initial landless, poor status. It is ironic then that a handful of cash-strapped knights with good intentions would rise to become one of the most economically and militarily powerful organizations in Europe.

Often the vanguard of Christian forces in the Holy Lands, Templars were apex warriors and a bane to their foes. In 1177 they won a great victory against Saladin when 500 knights and several thousand footmen led by the leprosy-afflicted King Baldwin IV charged at Saladins overconfident and ill-prepared army of 26,000, shattering them utterly. Routed and in panic, few survived. Saladin himself would be humiliated, only avoiding capture by fleeing upon a racing camel. Remembering this disgrace, Saladin would take no chances with the Templars he captured after the catastrophic Battle of Hattin in 1187, ordering them beheaded immediately.

Piece by piece, the Crusader Kingdoms lost land. Most despairingly was Jerusalem itself, lost to ever growing and increasingly unified Muslim forces. The identity and purpose of the Knights Templar was mired in the Levant – without it they were without ultimate purpose and popular support would wane. This would have disastrous consequences when the Order became the primary creditor to the greatly indebted King Philip of France

This Templar sword, designed by Bruce Brookhart and crafted by Legacy Arms, bears the red cross of the Templar Order on its round pommel. The tempered blade is made from 5160 high carbon steel and the crossguard and pommel are likewise steel. The wooden grip is covered with tight black leather. It comes with a wood-core scabbard covered in brown leather with a brass chape.

Although the manufacturer considers these as battle ready weapons. We have found that the blade temper is too soft for us to list them as such on some of the longer bladed swords.

Overall Length39 1/4''
Blade Length32 1/4''
Weight3 lb 5.9 oz
Width50.7 mm
Thickness6.2 mm - 4.2 mm
P.O.B.5 5/8''
Grip Length4 3/4''
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
ManufacturerLegacy Arms
Country of OriginPhilippines

1 review for Legacy Arms Brookhart Templar Sword

  1. Ray B.

    legacy arms brookhart templar sword Right after I Got my sword I changed the handle to a brown leather cord wrap with risers.I have cut various watter bottles fron two leter to 16oz bottles also mats no problem.Also split couple of two by fours about 8″ tall.This sword is blade heavy and you cah use two hands if hold on to promal but has lot of blade presence when hits the target,over all I’am happy with the sword.Alos have had no problem,s yet with the blade tempering

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