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Legacy Arms Ranger Battle Sword

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The Legacy Arms Ranger Battle Sword features a sharpened, handmade, forged, and tempered 1060 high carbon steel blade. The hilt features a solid steel guard and pommel and a black leather wrapped hardwood grip. Includes a hardwood scabbard with black leather wrap.
Although the manufacturer considers these as battle ready weapons. We have found that the blade temper is too soft for us to list them as such on some of the longer bladed swords.

Overall Length49''
Blade Length36''
Weight4 lb 1.6 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width48 mm
Thickness5.4 mm - 4.4 mm
P.O.B.1 7/8''
Grip Length9 3/8''
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
ManufacturerLegacy Arms
Country of OriginPhilippines

3 reviews for Legacy Arms Ranger Battle Sword

  1. Nikolaus

    Ranger battle sword (Truly a ranger sword!) Very well balanced, very fast, very good for cut and trust. A beautyful and attractive long sword. Happy to have one, thanks!!

  2. William S.

    Better Than Expected This is my 3rd purchase of this sword. 1st one, I removed the leather grip and sanded it down to better fit my medium sized hands. Redid the leather but eventually sold it. Sold off a nice custom Ranger Sword and bought this one again but the blade was out of alignment with the hilt. Sent it back and ended up getting another one. My current one is fine just like my 1st one. I have decided to leave the grip alone on this one. This sword is a great functional entry level LOTR inspired sword. I find the handling to be acceptable and it does not feel heavy at all in hand. A 2-handed sword for sure. Would hate to get hit with the pommel on this one. The edges on the guard would also do some major damage. I have not found this sword to be lacking in heat treatment or soft. Pretty sure KOA has had examples in the past that were and just to cover themselves, have listed all the LA longer blades as not battle ready. Since they are hand heat treated in a more older way than many other makers, there will be a few that slip through that are not done right. I would think the percentage is low.

  3. KillingThemSoftly

    The superior quality greatly exceeds the price tag!! I ordered this sword because I was looking for a true “battle-ready/functional sword”, not just some stainless steel wall-hanger falsely advertised as a “full-tang” functional sword. Due to the solid reputation of Legacy Arms and the quality materials used to forge this beauty, I expected to receive a sword of good quality, but nothing more than good/decent quality. To my surprise, the battle Ranger sword that I removed from the shipping container exceeded any and all expectations! Good luck finding many other swords at this price that are truly hand-forged/tempered with a comparable level of exceptional quality and made with such superior materials. The ONLY reason I gave this sword 4 stars and not 5 is that I feel that where the blade meets the chappe & quillon (or rain-guard & cross-guard), the cuts made into the chappe (rain-guard) were quite crude when compared to the superior craftsmanship of the rest of the weapon. The cuts were a bit ragged with some minor gouges and the cuts exceeded the necessary distance. Not a huge deal at all as it remains an AMAZING and exceedingly beautiful sword. Can’t recommend this sword or this company enough. Top notch customer service with Kult of Athena! They truly do go the extra mile to keep their customers satisfied and happy.

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