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Legacy Arms Teutonic War Axe

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A stout war axe was a popular weapon throughout the entirety of the middle ages. Deceptively fast and striking with ruinous force, many warriors chose the axe for its ability to quickly defeat any foe – few armors could withstand the splitting power and weight of the axe stroke. Those that could, would not continue to do so under sustained assault. From the Vikings to the fully armored Gothic knights of the German principalities, the axe found itself a mainstay of the field in its various forms.

This Teutonic War Axe by Generation 2 is of a size that allows it to be wielded two-handed or by one strong arm. The head is of high carbon steel and it is pinned to a hardwood shaft. A wrapped leather grip is held in place by metal pins. The shaft and the leather have both been painted. A steel cap is on the butt of the haft and it is also pinned into position. The axe has been sharpened and is sharp.

Overall Length27 1/4''
Blade Length7''
Weight3 lb 1.9 oz
Blade [5160 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerLegacy Arms
Country of OriginPhilippines

1 review for Legacy Arms Teutonic War Axe

  1. Mike M.

    An awesome Teutonic Axe for axe lovers This beast of an axe is quite empowering to brandish and to work out with and is perfect for chopping and slashing. Top heavy just like it should be, its weight lends strength to its attacks, and is light enough to let the axe do the heavy work. Swing it in a circular motion and anything in it’s way is done for.
    A good grip allows for one and two handed wielding. The only thing I can find wrong with it would be the fact it doesn’t include a sheath, but one can be bought from a Chicago land area Leatherman on FB. Other than that, it’s got great balance for a heavy duty axe and arrives sharper than you could ask for.
    This beast could be easily imagined on a Huge Knight keeping the mongols from the rape and pillage of Europe, or at Jerusalem in the ceusades.
    Now go and buy one if you can!

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