The Dragon Sparrow sword from LK Chen is rather unique with a slim blade and grip which slide fully into the scabbard, leaving only the ring pommel exposed. The design of this Dao comes from the Northern Dynasties Period (386-589 AD) and few of these cavalry swords survive today. The exacting dimensions of the LK Chen reproduction come from a hands-on and exhaustively thorough inspection of one of these rare originals. It is speculated that this arrangement of the sword sheathing so deeply into the scabbard was intended to prevent the sword from falling or even being pushed out of the scabbard when riding a galloping horse. It also serves to make for a short and slim-profiled weapon that can be unobtrusively worn both on foot and horseback.

The folded steel alloy blade is forged from 1065 high carbon steel melded with T9 tungsten-cobalt-vanadium steel. This Dao is well-adapted to both cutting and thrusting with its chisel-tipped piercing point coupled with a thickened blade spine which grants it excellent rigidity. Its final tempered hardness is 54-55 HRc. The blade was finished with a fine polish which visibly brings out the ripple-patterning of the blended steel blade. The wood for the grip is well-polished teak and the grip collar and pommel of the sword are cast from brass to complete the sword. The scabbard is likewise crafted from fine teakwood and finished in brass fittings. It is arranged to allow for a hanging double loop so that the sword can be slung from a sword belt at a 45 degree angle to optimize it for cavalry use. Scabbard hangers are not included.