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LK Chen – Tang Heng Dao

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The LK Chen Tang Heng Dao is an excellent reproduction of the Tang Heng Military Dao. Suitable for footman and horseman alike, these Heng Dao were intended to be a compact and capable sidearm for Tang soldiery and guardsmen. The sword scabbard has the twin-ring suspension system that allows its hanging angle to be tailored to nearly horizontal for cavalrymen – a development that the Chinese likely adopted from the cavalrymen of the Sassanian Empire.

The sharpened blade is forged from 65 Mn High Carbon steel and it has a thick spine on the blade to impart impressive durability and rigidity, allowing the sword to cut and thrust with great ability. The wedge-shaped cross section gives the edge a long and sloping cutting plane with which to able sever a target. A thinned false edge on the tip allows for a greater variance of attack angles and minimized drag and resistance in a strike.

The guard and pommel are fashioned from blackened iron and the grip is polished Rosewood. Though intended for single-handed use many wielders will find enough room to add a second hand if desired. The paired scabbard is well-carved from matching Rosewood and iron fittings.

Overall Length37 1/4"
Blade Length28 7/16"
Weight2 lb 1.7 oz
Thickness7.6 mm - 3.8 mm
P.O.B.4 3/4"
Grip Length6 1/4"
Blade [65 Mn High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerLk Chen
Country of OriginChina

Warrior Grade Tang Dao士卒级铁装唐刀

LK CHEN Tang Heng Dao Review and Destruction

Review and testing of the Tang Heng Dao by LK Chen Swords

2 reviews for LK Chen – Tang Heng Dao

  1. Kyle Edwards (verified owner)

    This sword does not even feel like a sword. It feels like a bar of steel with a wood handle. There’s nothing wrong with it from a QC standpoint, fit and finish are great. But no matter how you slice it this is a bad design. I hate it and I’m trying to return it.

  2. Chad Eisner (verified owner)

    This is a very nice replica of a Tang era Dao. The blade shape and spec are copied from one of the blades at the treasure house at Nara Japan. While not the most ornate of blades by LK Chen, it is none the less one of my favorite of their collection. The teardrop shaped handle make edge alignment and wielding extremely easy and comfortable. The sharpened false edge balances the blade well and the simple cross section cuts through targets well. Totally recommended for any Sword aficionado or martial artist.

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