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Loki Statue

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Loki: The Trickster, Shape Changer, The Sly One – the names for Loki are varied, as is his reputation among the gods. Although Loki is counted among the Aesir gods like Thor and Odin, he is actually a scion of the Junn – the giants. His wit was legendary and he was a bottomless source of obscure, hidden knowledge. For these reasons he was allowed to live among the Aesir. By nature Loki was hopelessly mischievous and had an infallible ability to upset peace, prosperity and balance. However, his shapeshifting and cunning could sometimes save the day. He was often on adventures with Thor, who became something of a blood-brother to him.

Over time, Lokis machinations turn from merely prankish, to dastardly and nasty. It culminates in the death of Balder; a God of light and truth beloved by the Norse and their Gods, of whom Loki was jealous. Balders death foretold, his mother Frigg forced all objects of the world to swear an oath to never harm Balder. Only simple, seemingly harmless mistletoe was overlooked. Loki, knowing this, fashioned a dart with mistletoe. At a great banquet Balder was entertaining the Gods by allowing them to throw anything at him; all of which inflicted no harm upon him. However, he was struck dead with the dart of mistletoe, which had been slipped into the hand of Balders blind brother.

With the death of Truth and Light, Odin knew that the day of Ragnar was drawing near. In fury, the Gods bound Loki to great stones, and a venemous serpent was held above his face to drip its painful poison onto his face for all-time. Lokis loyal wife, Sigyn, held a bowl above his face to spare him from the venom. After great time, the bowl becomes full and she must leave him to empty it. It is then, exposed to the venom, that Loki roils in pain, causing the earthquakes of the world.

In the meantime, in the absence of Balders truth and light, the worlds fall ever greater into madness and violence; It is a time of swords and axes, of wolves and great winds that eventually culminate in the great battle of Ragnarok. Then Loki will slip free of his chains to rally a war host to fight the Aesir gods on the plain of Vigrid. Gods, and the hosts of giants, dwarves and elves will brawl in the battle. There, Lokis monstrous sons, the giant serpent Jmungandr and the great wolf Fenrir will cause the deaths of both Odin and Thor, though Loki’s sons will perish in turn. Loki will duel with his nemesis Heimdall, and they will slay one another in the epic battle.

In the aftermath of the world-shattering battle, the world is to be reborn.

This cast-resin statue, featuring Loki and his sons Fenrir and Jmungandr is finished in metallic bronze to impart the appearance and feel of a bronze statuette.

Weight3 lb 3.2 oz
Dimensions11 1/2'' Tall x 6 1/2'' Wide
Country of OriginChina


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