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Morion Helm – 18 Gauge Steel

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Originally hailing from the mid-16th century, the morion was a helmet that became fairly common, thanks to its efficient and effective protection. This Comb Morion recreates the form of this ages-old helm, as well as its protective strength. It should come as no surprise that the morion is a rather famous helmet design, as it has been widely depicted by film and fiction, and is often associated with Spanish explorers. It was also a popular helm of troops all throughout Europe, due in part to its ease of production, alongside its highly protective nature.

This combed morion helmet is made entirely from quality 18 gauge steel with a polished finish. The rounded top and brim serve to help keep the wearer’s head protected and their face shielded from downward blows. The interior of the helmet features a leather liner, while a pair of cheek protectors hangs from the sides, providing extra facial coverage, as well as a place for the leather chin straps to connect. It is a full-sized replica helmet that is fully wearable, and when worn, it stands up rather well to the rigors and impacts experienced during the course of LARP combat and light reenactment.

It is available in two sizes, either medium or large. If you want to emulate the look of a conquistador, a comb morion helmet is definitely the way to go. More than that, though, this Comb Morion – Steel helmet is a solid choice if you want great protection, without having to restrict your vision or your face behind layers of steel.


Front to Back – 8 1/2
Side to Side – 6 3/4
Interior Circumference – 23 1/2
Weight: – 3 lb 5.1 oz

Front to Back – 9
Side to Side – 7 1/4
Interior Circumference – 25 1/2
Weight: – 3 lb 11.3 oz

Gauge [18 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerEpic Armoury
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for Morion Helm – 18 Gauge Steel

  1. McM

    One of the best… I picked up one of these second-hand. Of all the Morion helms I’ve seen, this one is the finest. The low comb sets this one apart from all the rest, and looks great. The cheek-flaps are a great addition, and the size L will fit even the biggest melon. Epic Armoury makes some nice costume-grade helms, and this one is no exception.

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