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Norman Nasal Bar Helm – 18 Gauge Steel

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This medieval Nasal Bar Spangenhelm is crafted from 18 gauge riveted steel plates. The interior of the helm is blackened and unlined. The nasal bar is thinner and of 20 gauge steel.

Being crafted of thinner steel than some other nasal-bar helms, this helm is lighter and therefore less tiring on the head after long hours of wear than thicker-gauged helms. This makes it good for a full day of reenactment, costume and roleplay.

Weight2 lb 12.4 oz
Gauge [18 Gauge]
TypeNasal Helm
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for Norman Nasal Bar Helm – 18 Gauge Steel

  1. Mark M.

    A great starter helm…. I’ve been wanting a nasal helm for a while now, and decided on this one for two reasons—price, and looks. For less than $50 (not counting shipping) you can’t go wrong with this one. It has a very commanding presence, especially when worn with a maille coif. It can be used for anything from Viking to Crusader. It arrived very well packaged without the smallest scratch or dent and covered in a coat of oil. The steel, in shade, almost looks mildly antiqued but it is not. I like the fact that it is unlined, 1: Because I have a fairly large head and 2: I’m looking forward to putting my own liner in…probably rabbit fur. My only wish is that they would have put a chin strap on it. But….that’s no biggy. The internal blackening almost resembles fiberglass, and is quite thick and well done. KOA could charge almost double for this helm, but they don’t. If you’re on a budget, and want a good quality helm for the price of a nice dinner—-you will NOT go wrong with this one!…………McM

  2. McM

    An addendum to my first review… I’ve had this helm for most of a year now, and I still love it! Since purchasing, I have installed the liner of another helm that I had to remove to make the size bigger. Also, with this liner, I installed two leather ‘dog-ear’ cheek flaps with a leather chin cord…works like a charm. The helm is still rust-free and looks just as good as new. If you are crafty with your hands, with a little effort–this can go from a metal bucket to a fully functional helm in less than a weekend. Or…just get an arming cap to wear underneath, ’cause it is BIG! My head is 23-1/2” at eyebrow level, and it came below my eyes right out of the box. No more though, and I can still wear my mail coif under it! Excellent project helm that will last a lifetime. I may get a second one and experiment with painting it, as was done in historic times. A must-have for the Dark Ages/Early Medieval enthusiasts!…..McM

  3. Tomas M.

    This is a great helmet Very sturdy and accurate. Looks great and is affordable. Has no liner so keep that in mind.

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